Admission Process


Admission Process

  1. Student Information
  2. Counselling
  3. Document Submission
  4. College & Program Options
  5. Select Appropriate Program & College
  6. Submit Application for Admission
  7. Recieve Offer Letter

Step 1. Student Registration

To get help with 3a Consulting Services, please fill up the complete registration from below:

    IELTS Score

    Step 2. Counseling

    After the registration, 3A Training & Consulting Team will contact you. We will guide you the best college/university in Canada which suites your Personal, Academic and Financial Profile/Parameters. Our efficient well-trained counselors help to identify the professional goals, enabling the student to take a wiser academic decision, and gives Personal Guidance to help choose courses that perfectly fit your Career Path.

    Step 3. Document Submission

    To get help with 3A Training & Consulting, please upload the documents as per requirements below:

      Step 4: College & Program Options

      After document submission, we will send you the best options available as per your academic performance. Course Selection is the most difficult and crucial factor to make a choice of what courses to take to make proper career growth in future. 3A Training & Consulting assists students to choose a course.

      Step 5: Select Appropriate Program & College

      Student select the appropriate course option and confirm to proceed for admission process.

      Step 6: Submit Application for Admission

      After the student confirmation, we forward student application to the college.

      Step 7: Recieve Offer Letter

      Student receive offer letter in 2-3 weeks.